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Caring for young children?

At Parent Link You can:

  • PLAY and explore new activities
  • LEARN about help for common parenting issues
  • CONNECT with other parents
  • EXPLORE community resources
  • FIND OUT about your child’s development

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All caring adults with children 0-12 and siblings are welcome.
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Your Growing Child!

How does your child grow? Developmental Screening ONLINE for ages 2-60 months or ask your Family Coach. FREE $10 grocery gift card and fun activities for completing both ASQ and ASQ-SE form.

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We all go through trying times - physically, financially, emotionally. Reach out - contact our staff or go to our Help tab to connect with regular and emergency programs, information and resources.

One Step a Time

Frustrated and Frazzled?

Triple P GroupTriple P is proven to help solve those everyday parent challenges. Now offering Stepping Stones Group for parents with children with disabilities! Click below or contact 403-334-0884 or
Parenting problem-solving!

About Parent Link Centres

Child with Goopy Hands

Services to help parents /caregivers give children the best possible start in life:

  • parent education
  • early childhood development and care
  • information and referrals
  • developmental screening
  • and referrals/partnerships for family support
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3 things Parents have learned at our Parent Link Programs

More about how my children develop. Different Crafts to do with my children. New songs to sing.

Activities and songs to do with my kids. See how kids are all different but all okay.

How to foster my son’s growth and development. How to make mom friends. How to accept that every child is different and develops at a different rate.

How to apply positive parenting. How to potty train. The importance of play.

Parenting Strategies, GP resources, Parent connections

Triple P. Disobedience Management. Calm down strategies.

Rhymes. Community. Importance of Routine

Mental Health. ASQ's other moms

Socialize. Transitions. Parenting styles.

Socialization. Clean up song. Other songs.

Routines. Scheduling. Peer Play

Parent Ed. Transitions. Listening

How children learn to play together and how it affects them

Playing with child. Support help as a new parent. Parent education.

Social interaction. Busier environment. Structure.

Activities. Speaking with child. Listening

Learned new songs. How to encourage my daughter to play with others. Learned craft ideas

Rhymes and songs. Creative play ideas. Snacks ideas.

Where to find resources.

I'm not alone in my struggles. Importance of sharing. Each child has different needs from parents.

Great crafts and singing/songs. Patience/discipline. Listening to childrens concerns.

Expression while reading to hold interest. The importance of free play. The importance of sharing.

How to play with my kids

My stress=kids stress. Its ok to need help. Be mindful of how my actions/words impact my kids.

Games. Songs. New authors.

How to talk more respectful to my children and why I should. How to engage in imaginary play.

Importance of reading to your child daily. Other creative ways to discipline

How many resources our community has. Whats available in our community. Everyday skills

Songs. Games. Distractions.

Children learning to play together. Children learning to listen. Children learning to share.

Getting kids out of the house is good. Playing with other kids is good.

Dealing with disobedience. Shopping hassle-free.

Songs. Different types of play.

Communication. New songs. New Games.

Active play outside of home/parks with other kids is important. Songs help with speech & memory. Actions teach words

New songs to sing. New books to read. What events/resources are available to me.

How important socializing is.

Socializing with Kids. New songs. New crafts and activities.

Ask, say, do. Quiet Time. Planned ignoring.

How to set clear limits. Importance of play

Different ways of managing misbehavior. How to recognize triggers of behavior.

Haven’t been in programs long enough to explain.

Various authors and books available for reading. Open ended questions. Parent child collaborative projects.

Resources in our community. How to find activities in our community.

To not give into my child’s crying and whining. How what I do now influences my child and who they become.

Community resources. Parent/child interaction and development. Parenting techniques.

Interaction with other kids/parents. Different programs out there for my family in the community. New ways to interact with & play with my kids.

Activity ideas. Social health of child. Parenting tips.

Dealing with disobedience was my favorite event. There was so much good information and many practical tools.

Different events. New parenting skills. Communication with your child.

Songs to sing with my children. Craft ideas. Ideas for interactive play.

Hints from other parents. Different songs/books. Different activities.

Picture schedule. To keep my child busy with activities. Learn how to slow down.

To praise my child more. About development milestones. To be consistent when dealing with misbehavior.

To feed iron rich foods first. Always read books. Always sing songs.

The value community supports for all children.

Importance of reading. More resources.

New songs. How to introduce solids. Who to contact for issues.

That my baby was at the proper development with speech.

How important reading and interaction is with baby from a young age.

The importance of literacy. The transition to solid foods. The importance of talking to your baby.

Baby led weaning. The importance of early literacy. That my baby is emotionally and developmentally where he is supposed to be.

About foods. New songs. Lots of info.

Having fun with my kids.

Play ideas with children. Importance of reading.

Talk with my husband about parenting styles. How important reading is to my child daily. Praise my son all the time when he is behaving.

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